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Moving to Hood River?

secure-storage-moving-to-hood-river.jpgWas it the jaw-dropping sunrises and sunsets that first made you want to move to Hood River? Was it the quaint old fruit train ride through the pear and apple orchards that made you want to relive your youth? Or, was it when you competed in the challenging Gorge Games that you set your plan in motion to move to Hood River? Hood River is certainly a place that sticks in people’s mind. 

Planning for the Move

As you’re busy planning the details for your upcoming move, consider our storage units. Reserving a unit now will make moving to Hood River easier all-around for you and your family. Here’s how: 
If you initially plan to have temporary or rental housing, ​contact our on-site managers for use of our free move-in truck. Our on-site managers can also help you save money by giving you names of professional movers that freelance on the side (at reasonable rates).

We hope you consider Secure Storage when you are looking for a storage unit in Hood River, Oregon.

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