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Climate-Control Storage in Hood River, OR

hood-river-climate-controlled-storage.jpgWant to know how to avoid damaging UV rays and heat for your wine collection? Want to avoid your artwork, musical instruments, and antiques from drying out? Both can be achieved by reserving one of our climate-controlled storage units. The difference in temperature controlled protection can be amazing, especially in climates with harsh winters and summers, which is the case in Hood River. While conventional storage is fine for most everyday things, more sensitive items need to be stored in certain climates. They need temperature controlled storage units.

Do I Need Climate-Controlled Storage?

Not sure if climate-controlled storage is right for you? If you need to store any of the following items, we recommend storing them in a climate-controlled self storage:

  • Business storage items such as important documents or papers

  • Office equipment like printers, fax machines, scanners and more

  • Household items such as fridges, washers/dryers, and air conditioning units

  • Electronics like computers, cameras, stereos, tablets, TVs and DVD players

  • Media including DVDs, CDs, video games, vinyl records and more

  • Musical instruments, including pianos, guitars, brass and more

  • Antiques, which are especially sensitive to climates

  • Photos you wish to keep for a long time

  • Books and artwork that need preserving

  • Leather items including clothing or furniture

  • Furniture made of fabric, wood, and metal

  • Medical and pharmaceutical supplies

  • Store anything with water or liquid, such as wine

Each of our climate-controlled storage units stays at the optimal climate throughout the day and night (no matter if the temperature drops 20 degrees or rises 25 degrees. Storage facilities that do not offer this kind of self storage do not properly store sensitive items in their units. If you need self storage, go with the storage company you can rely on!

Many wine collectors have a difficult time in finding a suitable place to store their wine. Wine storage is more than finding a place to keep bottles, but preserving and protecting the fragile attributes of the wine. Conventional storage would leave any collection at risk of spoiling because of the unsuitable environment. Climate-controlled storage, on the other hand, keeps wine at a constant temperature. In addition, each bottle will be protected from harmful UV rays and protected from vibration. This is why Hood River Secure Storage is the perfect place for wine storage.

So worry less by choosing a 5x10, 10x10 or 10x15 storage climate-controlled unit today! 

If you don't need a climate controlled storage we also offer recreational storage units in Hood River, at our storage facility for all of your gear.

We hope you consider Secure Storage when you are looking for a storage unit in Hood River, Oregon.

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