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Secure Storage: Nearly 30 Years of 100% Safe Storage Units

hood-river-secure-storage-security.jpgTenants of Hood River Secure Storage have benefited from us being early adopters of security technology. Thanks to us seeing the value of using advanced electronics equipment early on, customers have been able to trust us to provide secure storage units for their belongings. 

In addition, each of our ​protected self-storage units contains smart technology. For instance, each is programmed to arm and disarm itself—automatically—based on code that’s entered in at the main gate. Not only will the gate not open if an incorrect code is entered, but there’s no way a tenant can get access to their Secure Storage unit without using a personalized code. Another protection is this: Once the proper code is punched in, tenants have 10 minutes to open the doors of their Secure Storage unit. If not done within the time period, the unit rearms itself—automatically.

So rest assured, you too, can trust us to protect your valued possessions, ​exquisite wines and important documents, as well as accommodate your needs.

We hope you consider Secure Storage when you are looking for a storage unit in Hood River, Oregon.

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